Fall season

UpdatedFriday September 9, 2022 byChrissy Centrone.

Fall 2022 season training schedule

Wednesdays 5:30- 615 Grasshopper mainors and majors

Peewee girls 6:15-7:00

Fridays Peewee boys team 1,2,3  5:30-6:15 pm at Parliament

                                      teams 4,5,6 6:15-7 at Parliament

Please be on time with a ball- Size 3 for bumble bees and grasshoppers

Size 4 for peewees.

Games will start Saturday Sept 10th  Schedules are being made now and will be posted.

Saturday Sept 10th - 

 Bumble and Grasshoppers minor will have games at 10am at Parliament

Grasshopper major will have games at 11am at Parliament

Peewee girls are 12:00 AT DEER PARK. HOMER AVE SCHOOL

PEEWEE BOYS ARE AT 12PM AND 1PM. EITHER DEER PARK OR Parliament.  check schedules on website.